Top 11 Whatsapp Features with Tips And Tricks

WhatsApp, the company acquired by Facebook is no doubtly the top messaging platform. And it have more than a billion active users who exchange messages, calls, video calls and many more. WhatsApp have many features about which many of us not aware of. So in this post we are going to explain all the WhatsApp features  about which you should be aware of.

 1)Broadcasting single message at once to many people

By choosing this WhatsApp feature you can send one message to many people at once by simply choosing “New Broadcast” option from the menu. Once selected you’ll have the list of your contacts from where you can choose the contacts to whom you want to share the messages. Once selected your broadcast list gets ready and now you can share the messages with all of them in one time.


2)Pinning WhatsApp Chat feature

Recently WhatsApp have launched this new feature. Where you can pin your favorite chat and keep them at top of all. At once you can pin 5 chats. For this you need to select the chat and there you’ll see the “Pin icon” at very top, you need to select that Pin and it get pinned and it’ll be always at the top of all chats until you unpin it.


3)Formating Text Feature

Its really very easy for all of us to do formatting in desktop or laptop,but what about in mobile and specially on WhatsApp. Let me tell you on WhatsApp also you can easily format your text message of your choice by simply adding some special characters before and after the words. Means if you want to fromat your text in bold use asterisk for example: *Hello*, if you want it in italics use underscore for example _Hello_ and use tilde for strikethrough ~Hello~


4)Sending Your Location Feature

This is one of my favorite features by WhatsApp. This feature helps the person to reach the destination by simply clicking on your WhatsApp message. You can use this feature if you want to send your location to your family friends or to someone you want to invite at your place. For using this feature you need to enable GPS and then have to tap on the attachment icon and have to choose the location. It will open the Google map in your phone from where you need to mark the location pin and now you can send it on WhatsApp.


5)Transferring money with FreeCharge

Although you can pay or transfer money from many social platform, but you’ll be happy to know that you can do the same from your WhatsApp also. You can do this by turning on the accessibility settings in your Freecharge app. Once the setting is on you can send and receive money on WhatsApp. Just type an amount followed by FC and send it on WhatsApp For Ex. 100 FC


6)Saving data feature while using WhatsApp on Mobile networks

Saving data is the special concern for all of us especially while we are using expensive data network. So WhatsApp have enabled this feature to reduce data consumption. It allows you to choose selectively download videos, photos or audios while you are roaming. Additionally for low data consumption while on WhatsApp call you can select “Low data usage option”


7)Special feature for iPhone –“Find out who you chat with a lot”

To find out that who is the person from your contact with whom you chat a lot. Go in your “Settings> Account>Storage Usage” After following the steps you’ll have list of contacts you are currently chatting with. Also with the details of how much data you have exchanged during all chats. But this feature of WhatsApp is only enabled on iPhone


8)Controlling your privacy

You can control some features of WhatsApp from Privacy settings. If you don’t want your contact list to know the detail that till when you were using your WhatsApp, you can shut off the “Last Seen” option. You can also disable “Read Receipts” option from your “Privacy” settings. But if you disabled these options you’ll also not able to see the last seen and read message blue ticks of your contacts as well.


9)Sharing documents & Muting Chat or Group feature

Now WhatsApp is not limited to photo and video sharing, means now you can share PDF, Excel and Word files too. Only you need to attach the documents to your chat and after that you easily share your documents with them. There is also news that very soon WhatsApp will enable GIF files sharing too.

You can also mute unwanted chats or groups by selecting “Mute” option in the settings of each chat or group.


10)Beta testing feature for early updates

If you want to have early access of any new feature before it get launched officially, you can use WhatsApp beta version. So you need to register for Beta version, once done, you’ll get daily updates and new features before it get released to the public. Click here to know  “How to become a beta tester on iPhone” &  “How to become a beta tester on android”


11)Using two or more WhatsApp numbers on one phone

Although it’s not a purely WhatsApp feature because you can never use two or more WhatsApp application on the same phone to run the other number. So only you can use it via third party app. But it’s never advisable to use such apps because using such apps increase risk of privacy loss. There are many custom apps available to use this feature. One of them is Parallels Desktop which you can get from Google Play Store. This app allows you to use copy of any apps on the same phone. So to you WhatsApp you need to install WhatsApp inside it and activate it with other number you need