Ubereats App Features That Will Make A Reliable Food Experience For Users

Now days there are so many online food ordering apps are available in the market. UberEats is one of them. It is an online meal ordering and delivery platform. UberEats provide the reliable food delivery option at the tap of a button. So your food is now a tap away from you. They generally partners with restaurants in cities around the world. So you can order from any restaurants at your location. And instead of wondering where your order is you can easily track wherever it is. The app is available for iOS & Android users on app store and play store respectively. The UberEATS application has over 5 million downloads, and a 4.2 rating on Google Play.

UberEats App Features:

1) You’ll Get recommendations tailored for you:

Once you logged in UbreEats it’ll track your GPS location. So that you can easily find what you want with ease. It’ll sort the restaurants available for your location. Tailored for you means app will show the recommendation based on your last order. It’ll also show the recommendation of those restaurants which comes in most popular categories for your location.

2)You can filter for the right food:

Now it’s very easy to explore all the restaurants nearby you on a single tap at UberEat app. You can specifically choose the restaurants by filtering delivery timing option, price wise and dietary wise. In UberEats you can easily sort the restaurants dietary wise as well for example you can sort by Vegetarian category, Vegan category and Gluten free category. Moreover you can also get dish information and average preparation time details. So that you can choose right dish at right time.


3)You can Customize the drop-off

Now you no need to wonder anymore that where order will be exactly delivered. UberEats features the option in app where you can easily choose where you want your food to get dropped off. Means no matter where you are whether in park, in office or at home, you’ll get your food delivered. You can also choose some more specific instructions and request  to “meet you food at curb”, or have your food “delivered to the door.”

4) You can Track your order

You must be fed up off wondering where your order is. So say good bye to those black box delivery options. As UberEats features the option where you can track every step of your order. Means you can get real time information of your order. You’ll have your eye on each and every step from preparation to picked up.


 5) You can schedule your order

Sometimes we plan ahead according to our convenience a dn according to our requirement.This is the most important features of this app which provides you the ability to schedule an order ahead of time. Means you can order anytime upto an hour before or one week before. So if you are planning of breakfast for tomorrow you can easily schedule it on UberEats.


6)Free Food Option

UberEats provides you the referral code for your account . And every time a new user signs up on UberEats with your invite code, they’ll get Rs 50 off for their first 3 orders. And on their first meal through UberEats you’ll get Rs 100 off for you future orders.


But what if you don’t have this UberEats App, no worries. You can order your food from UberEats.com Also while you are riding with Uber and wants to see that after how many minutes you get dropped off and can eat your favorite pasta , you can pop open the UberEats app.

The best thing about this app is no minimum order restriction and there will be  minimal delivery charges . So as we are already enjoying uber rides we all will surely going to enjoy UberEats for food ordering. So to experience download this app today only and enjoy all features.

How Does UberEats Work?

Step1:  Download the app from App store if you are iOS user and download it from play store if you are Android user.

Step2: Now turn on your GPS to track you current location. Else you can add your delivery address.

Step3: The menu gets opened in front of you with some food images. Choose from the full menu of your city’s best restaurants. You can filter the restaurants according to your choice.

Step4:   Select the restaurant and choose the foods you want to order. Once you order is selected you need to choose the payment option. For payment option you need to choose your paytm account and if have a balance in your paytm account your listed food get ordered instantly.

You need to follow only four steps if you are new user. After that you only need to follow 2 steps to order your food at your door.

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