Opera’s Features Direct Access of WhatsApp, Messenger and Telegram

In this new era where each one of us is very much addicted to their phones and tabs specially to have chit chats or to have latest updates on the social site. We all have the fear of missing out with some latest update or some group friend gossips while busy in our office work. So guys there is a good news for all, Opera have launched a Opera’s new browser in which messaging apps and some of our favorite social sites are integrated together in the sidebar.They have named this browser as “Reborn Opera Browser” So this browser with the newest feature allows you to chat with your friends on some of your social sites like Facebook Messenger,WhatsApp and Telegram while working on the browser. So you can easily chat and work together without leaving the Opera ever.


Firstly this new feature was experimented in the Neon browser which is specially used to test Opera’s weirdest ideas. But now ported on the new “Reborn Opera Browser”. Opera Reborn introduces a redesigned UI featuring dedicated dark mode with colorful themes and animated icons. It also includes built in ad blocking tool and access to free, unlimited VPN. As per company they are still working to include some other apps also in it like “We Chat & Viber”. Browser also features the “Built In Currency Converter” which allows online shoppers to have a converted price by just simply highlighting the price of product.

After getting aware of this latest feature by Opera some may be happy but definitely all will have a doubt that while using our whatsapp on Opera whether the company will have the access of our information with them too. Then just relaxed guys because using whatsapp on Opera will be the same as using the web service. This has been confirmed by the Opera’s Executive Vice President because this is the major privacy concerns of all. Since they have confirmed this thing we can use this service without any doubts as company will not have access of any information that being shared or transmitted via this service.