Latest Exciting Whatsapp Features Updates 2018 You Should Know About

WhatsApp keep on rolling exciting features to make their users life easier and mind blowing. This is the reason every second person you will see busy on WhatsApp. In this post you will read about some very useful WhatsApp features updates rolled out by the company,  either in beta update or it’s being already launched in the latest version.

These WhatsApp features updates range from downloading deleted media files which we all look for some time and requesting money via WhatsApp Pay.

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1)    Hands –free recording feature in WhatsApp:

Previously users have to tap long on recording icon until they are finished with recording voice message. So to improve this feature this is updated feature, launched by WhatsApp on the latest beta version 2.18.102. While this is already live for iPhone users. This means now you can lock the voice recording button.

How Hands –free recording feature in WhatsApp works?

So now whenever you want to record your voice message on WhatsApp , you will be shown a lock icon. This you need to slide up to make it enabled. After 0.5 seconds the lock mode gets activated and so you move ahead with your recording. Moreover if you want to discard your recording, so for that you have to tap on the cancel button next to the timer.

Limitations of Hands-free recording feature:

In android if you are using locked recording feature then you will be able to navigate a chat but will not able to type message or view photos and videos.

While iPhone users don’t have this limitation means they can can chat and can view photos even in recording mode. This is all due to Apple’s 3D touch functionality.

2)    WhatsApp deleted media files restoring feature:

This new features is available on WhatsApp version 2.18.113 on android. Before this feature is rolled out by WhatsApp  almost everybody have this concern that if  WhatsApp media file is deleted from phone gallery, you will never able to restore it. But that was back day story, now you can restore all your media files no matter if it is deleted from phone gallery.

How WhatsApp deleted media files restoring features works?

Now you can restore all your media files like images, videos, GIF’s, voice message and documents even if deleted from phone gallery.

Earlier WhatsApp media files that are yet to be downloaded are kept for 30 days on server and after that was deleted from their end. But now to make this feature work WhatsApp servers will be holding this end to end encrypted media files for longer time. And so you will be able to store your files.

Limitations of media file restoring feature:

You won’t able to make use of this feature if the media is too old (say last year). So this feature can work for three months old media files only. Moreover it have one more limitations also that is it won’t work if the media file is deleted from WhatsApp chat itself.

3)WhatsApp requesting money feature through UPI ID or QR code:

This is the good news for WhatsApp users that now along with payments you can request money on WhatsApp through UPI ID or QR code. So this feature doesn’t work if you are directly selecting a contact. To make use of it you need to have UPI ID or QR code. This feature is rolled out to WhatsApp beta for android v2.18.113, so accessible by limited users only.

And if you are not using WhatsApp Pay then also you will receive this request if you are using UPI based payment method. So you will receive payment request either through message by your bank or through UPI payment app.

How WhatsApp requesting money feature works?

Follow the steps to make use of this feature:

Step 1) Go to settings in your WhatsApp.

Step 2) Click on Payments tab.

Steps 3) next navigate to New Payment option.

Step 4) now you have to enter the UPI address or have to scan The QR code, Now to pop up option get appeared on your screen “Request Money” and “Pay Money” Choose the option as per your requirement.

Limitations of requesting money feature on WhatsApp through UPI Id or QR Code:

The payment request may expire in 24 hours. Means once you have send request with amount through Request Money option it depends on your request acceptance. If not accepted it will get expired in 24 hours and get updated in the Payments menu under settings.

4)WhatsApp feature to know if someone has forwarded a text inspite of typing and sent it:

This feature is currently rolled out by WhatsApp on beta version of 2.18.179 and will be available to everyone in coming months. According to this new feature a “forwarded” tag will be added on message that will be forwarded and it will tagged on both, the receiver and sender’s end. The most important advantage of this feature is that you can skid through forwarded message to read the message sent to you personally. So now you can easily distinguish forwarded messages and original ones on your group and on your personal chat.

Limitation of this new feature:

You will not able to turn off this feature like turning off the “blue tick” on Whatsapp.

Hope you have find this post useful, if yes share with your family and friends to make them aware of these latest features, about their use and limitations. Tell us your views and experience about these features in the comment section.