How to Use Google Maps to book Ola/Uber/Meru Cabs

This is very obvious thing that if we want to book a cab we need to book it by opening their respective apps. The other option which we have if we don’t have the Uber/Ola/Meru app in our phone is we can book the cabs from different other apps as well. You must be thinking what do I mean from that. Well as Uber have partnered with Zomato and Practo, so if you have these apps in your phone then simply book your table/ make a appointment with doctor and then book a car for appointment right away. But what if we don’t have both these options available in our phone. You must be thinking is there any way to book Uber cab without an app. Yes, there is. That is with one of our favorite integration is with Google Map. Once you are done with looking up the place on the map, you can call the taxi over there. You’ll find this process very simple and straightforward that works pretty well.
Uber have given privilege to their users that you can directly book your Uber cab through Google Map even if you don’t have Uber app installed in your phone. While to book Ola cab you have to tap Open App button. The biggest advantage to book the cab from Google Map is that simultaneously you can check the price for both Uber and Ola at the same time. Also you can check the fare estimates for all different classes of cars (UberGo, UberX, UberXL Or Ola Micro, Mini, Prime) concurrently.

So to quickly compare the fares and to avail the best possible options follow the given steps:

FeaturesHub_How to book an Ola, Uber or Meru cab with Google Maps

How to book an Ola, Uber or Meru cab with Google Maps:

1) Open Google Maps app in your phone.
2) Enter your destination using search bar.
3) Click on ‘Car Icon’ navigate button.
4) Now you have to click on the ‘Taxi Tab’, the one in which a person is holding his one hand up.
5) There you’ll find three taxi tab option:Uber,Ola and Meru. Tap on the respective tabs to get their fare details.
6) If want to book Uber, choose the class of car, then tap on Request.
7) Since you are booking for the first time from Google map it’ll redirect you to the pop up window. Where you need to link Uber to your Google account.
8) Now in next screen it shows the fare estimate of your journey. If you want to continue tap Book to complete the            booking.
9) If you want Ola/Meru instead, go to the respective tabs, choose the class and then tap on Open app.
10) So if you’ll have the Ola and Meru installed in your phone, this will open the app with pick up and drop location already entered from Google Maps.

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