How to Prevent Auto Playing Videos On Different Browsers

Many of us having a issue with videos autoplaying in browser. Sometimes when we are in search of some important thing these videos tends to be most irritating thing. Although  most of today’s browsers have the capability to block Adobe flash based videos. Also previously we used to tackle this problem by simply disabling flash on our browsers. But since we have improved version of technologies so the websites are using HTML5 to display ads, videos and other content that will play regardless of our flash settings. So the content start automatically as the page loads.

We all always want some easy and instant solution to tackle such issue. So just follow the given steps for respective browsers to tackle the issue:

1)How to prevent autoplaying videos in Google Chrome:

You have to simply get the extension named Disable HTML5 Autoplay Once the extension is enabled at your PC, you’ll have complete right to chose what you want to play and what not.

FeaturesHub_How to prevent autoplaying videos in Google Chrome


2)How to prevent autoplaying videos in Opera:

The process for Opera will be same and will be  simple as for Google Chrome. So you just need to get and enable the extension  Disable HTML5 Autoplay . And you’ll be good to go after that.

FeaturesHub_How to prevent autoplaying videos in Opera


3)How to prevent autoplaying videos in Firefox:

To disable autoplaying from firefox you don’t need any extension to enable, you just need to follow certain steps given below:

  • Just open the firefox browser.
  • In address bar type about:configand press Enter to proceed.
  • Click on I accept the risk.
  • Go in search box and search autoplay.enabled and double click on it to change its status to off and so the value changes to False.


4)How to prevent autoplaying videos in Safari:

As we all are very much aware of this thing that Safari is the browser for macOS. So we require to open the Terminal on macOS:

  • The very first step which is required to take is just quit Safari by pressing cmd+Q or click Safari on the top bar and choose Quit Safari.
  • Now our second step will be to open the Terminal by clicking cmd+space bar. Now type Terminal and enter to proceed.

So following these steps you can prevent autoplay videos issues at all mentioned browser. So it’ll save your precious megabyte of costly data plans. You can manually check the videos by clicking click to play option but not unexpectedly.