How  to Operate Emergency SOS on iPhone

In this fast growing world, where technology has made our each and every task very easy, have also increased the risk in every field. So having knowledge to handle the risk is the most important thing in this era.

In this post we are going to discuss regarding the emergency service on iPhone (Emergency SOS). The service which is integrated by Apple after the change with an iOS update last year. In which it quickly triggers to the option after pressing the Power button. This interesting and useful service was first integrated in Apple Watch, where if a person holds the side button then a option appears to activate the feature for further use. This emergency SOS feature is by default integrated on all iPhones. Previously it was not the easy process as to access this emergency feature passcode entry was required to choose emergency option after which you can dial emergency number. But now the advanced technology has changed the process to access Emergency SOS feature.

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Generally we never hope to use Emergency SOS service on our iPhones but to know how to use the same is very necessary. As this feature allows you to call emergency number of your region by rapidly pressing the Sleep button five times on the side of your iPhone. Once the service get activated you’ll get a three second countdown at your iPhone screen with an alarm sound. And after three seconds your phone will, make the call automatically at emergency number.

How to turn off countdown sound for Emergency SOS on iPhone:

If you don’t want the countdown sound just follow the given steps:

  • Head into the settings Apps.
  • Navigate to General and then choose Emergency SOS.
  • By default Countdown Sound toggle is set on green.
  • Either tap it once or slide it to left to disable the sound.

 How to define emergency contacts for Emergency SOS on iPhone:

Through this feature you can also alert your family or friend and even you can share your current location with them. Once the emergency service is dialed from your phone your trusted contacts get aware of this. If the emergency contacts are already saved in the Medical ID section of the Health app, then you can access the details in Emergency SOS settings page

If not saved till yet follow the steps for the same:

  • From home screen open Health app.
  • You’ll see Medical ID option in the bottom right, choose it.
  • Click Edit option available in the bottom.
  • Scroll down to search Emergency Contacts
  • Now click on Add Emergency contact.
  • Pick your trusted contacts from your contact list to add in emergency contact section.

How to turn off Emergency SOS on iPhone:

If you’d pressed this SOS Emergency button accidentally, then you instantly want to close it. Since in some countries dialing the emergency service without a proper cause can sustain a fine on you. But deactivating Emergency SOS is not possible but we can turn off the automatic dial feature by following given steps:

  • Open setting
  • Proceed to General and then Emergency SOS.
  • Now you have to turn off the toggle for Click Sleep/ Wake to Auto Call.