How to Download and Install WhatsApp Beta on iPhone

To get a beta version means to have access of the upcoming features sooner than everyone else. But it may create a problem, as beta version of apps isn’t necessarily stable. It may result in crashes or lost of data

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Well to install WhatsApp beta on iPhone is not that much simple. Before moving forward for the same just keep yourself aware of following facts:

  • You need to use third-party software to sideload the beta version as WhatsApp doesn’t allow to use Apple’s beta testing programme,Testflight.
  • The beta version won’t get auto updated when the next beta version comes in the market,since you’d sideloading the whatsapp beta. Also you won’t be able to get updates from App store since it’s not linked with it. So for the new beta version you need to repeat the steps to download and install it in your iPhone
  • You’ll also need iTunes since it’ll work as a deal breaker for some.
  • Also create an additional Apple ID, if you are alert for giving access to your primary account.

Follow steps to download and install WhatsApp beta on iPhone:

  • First back up your WhatsApp data and uninstall WhatsApp on your iPhone.
  • Launch iTunes on the computer by connecting your iPhone with your computer (Windows/macOS).
  • When prompted tell your phone to trust the computer.
  • Keeping your phone plugged in verify the phone which is showing up in iTunes and quit the iTunes.
  • Download the WhatsApp beta and Cydia Impactor.
  • Lunch the Cydia Impactor.
  • Now drag the WhatsApp IPA file from where you’d downloaded the beta version to the tiny Cydia Impactor window.
  • Now you’ll be trigerred to enter an Apple ID with password. You can use the existing one or you can create new one.
  • Now Cydia Impactor get installed in the WhatsApp beta file on your iPhone.
  • But you’ll get error message if you’ll try to launch the WhatsApp beta app on your phone instantly.
  • For fixing error,go to Iphone’s Settings>General>Device Management
  • Click on ‘Trust <your_Apple_ID> ’where your_Apple_ID will be the account you’d created in step 8.
  • Now go back and launch WhatsApp.

If you’ll follow the steps correctly,you’ll be able to get the WhatsApp beta version in your iPhone,but after using for sometime if you want to switch to general version just delete this beta version and install the general version from App store.

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