Google Duo Enhance Video Calling App on iOS and Android

Google every time amaze the world with its each and every launch. Google Inc. always tries to make user experience better with their each and every product. They encompass as many features that would make product undemanding and trouble free for their users. Once such Google product is Google Duo, which is a video chat mobile app. Google had announced about Google Duo app on 18 May 2016 at Google’s developer conference. And had successfully launched this app on 16 August 2016. This app  is currently available in the market for both Android & iOS operating system .

Google Duo provides user to make high definition video calls. It brings you together in your special moments by providing you simple high quality video calling on Android & iOS. The app automatically switches between wi-fi and cellular networks to ease your work. Also with this app you can enjoy high quality video calls even on low bandwidth network since Google have optimized this app for low bandwidth network as well. They have enabled end-to-end encryption feature in the app to make your communication secure. As per the calling in Duo app is concerned that is totally based on phone numbers, so now you can video chat with any of your contact list. It’s just a click away. Not only has this, after a recent update in April 2017, now you can also make audio calls worldwide. So from duo app you can enjoy both high definition video calls and very secure audio calls.

A “Knock Knock” feature included by Google makes it different from other video apps where users can see the live preview of caller before answering .  Due to their extensive features users have rated Google Duo app 4.5 on Google play store. Duo app is one to one calling app for everyone. Designed & featured in a manner that makes it simple, reliable and fun which will never let you to miss any special moment.

Go though the features explained via images:

1)Simple Interface:

Since the Duo app is optimized for low bandwidth so it’ll never let you to wait to get connected with your loved ones. Only you need to pick one of them from your contact and instantly you’ll jump right in. The app have a simple interface that brings the video to forefront instantly.

FeaturesHub_Google Duo-SimpleInterface
Source:Google Play Store


2)Knock Knock:

Google Duo’s live preview feature will help you to see the caller before you pick up the call. But this feature is android only feature. Google says adding this feature has a special reason as this “make calls feel more like an invitation rather than an interruption”.

FeaturesHub_Google Duo_KnockKnockFeature
Source:Google Play Store

3)High quality video:

The app would make you to experience the faster and more reliable video calls whether you are on wifi or on go. The video calls which you are going to make through this app are in 720p HD video. It is optimized for low-bandwidth mobile networks through WebRTC and uses QUICover UDP

FeaturesHub_Google Duo_HighQualityVideoFeature
Source:Google Play Store



You can make Video call to all your friends across Android and iOS with just one simple app. Means if you are planning for some group video chat, Google Duo will be the best to use.

FeaturesHub_Google Duo_CrossPlatformFeature
Source: Google Play Store

5)Audio Calls:

Make audio-only calls to your friends when you can’t have a video call.

FeaturesHub_Google Duo_AudioCallsFeatures
Source:Google Play Store

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