How to Forcely Quit Running Apps On iPhone X Through App Switcher

Forcefully quitting running apps was once very easy on iPhones when we were having Home button. Then we must be wondering how we are going to do it in Apple’s premium phone iPhone X . If you are using iPhone this is going to be you major concern, as we all wants to force quit all the apps running on background whenever we find that our iOS device is running bit slow. In the old iPhones you can stop such unresponsive apps with the help of Home button, but now what, as we don’t have Home button in this new generation Apple product iPhone X. So we are going to do it through App Switcher.

It’s going to be easy and quick as it was earlier with iPhone X. You can easily quit the apps you want with the help of quick gesture.

Steps to follow to quit running apps on iPhone X through App Switcher:

Step 1: Use App Switcher to swap and hold to quit apps-

The very first step for quitting apps on iPhone is to instantly get to the App switcher. To get on App switcher on iPhone X you only need to swipe up from the Home indicator and then need to stop once you see animations. Now you’ll have all the apps in the horizontal list at your screen.


Step 2: Tap and hold to get minus button on your specific app you want to close-

Once you get on App switcher it enables swiping list of all open apps on iPhone X. But it doesn’t enable closing option. If you want to close any specific app you need to tap on that app card and need to hold for some time. Once you tap and hold on app it enables minus sign in the top left corner of each app card.

Step 3: Swipe up for finally quitting the app-

Now the final step to forcefully quit the running app is to simple swipe on app card which you want to stop. You can also quit apps by clicking on minus sign which appears on top left corner of app card.

Now if you want to exit force quitting mode, you simply need to tap on the empty area in the bottom and you’ll be out.

Generally I use this feature to get rid of unresponsive apps. But most of the people use this feature of iPhone in hope that it is going to save battery life. While Apple recently confirm this that closing of Apps forcelly didn’t save battery life in fact it makes it worse. Because once you close the any of the app and when again tried to reopen it, it loads everything from scratch. That makes use of most of your battery. So even Apple suggest not to do it in hope that it’ll save your battery life.

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