BHIM App The Mobile Payment System -Features And The Latest Update

It was Dec 2016 when the National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) had launched the BHIM App the Mobile Payment System. It is the digital payment solution app based on the Unified Payment Interface (UPI).According to Prime Minister Narendra Modi BHIM the Aadhar digital payments solution have the potential to revolutionize the Indian economy.

Dec 2016 when government of India had declared demonetization, Indians had faced a very tough phase in terms of cash payments. It was the time when Indian banks with government decided to encourage digital payments in India like other countries. Many UPI based apps were launched by different banks to make our life easier. Like ICICI Bank’s iMobile and yes banks Phonepe were the instigators. Progressively, other banks also launched their UPI app,like SBI Pay and Baroda MPay were launched. In comparison to others these two were simpler. But, the BHIM has defeated all others due to it’s simplified ,easier and mobile payment system features. In today’s time it can termed as the simplest UPI feature which can be easily accessed by all. The less function with clean, clear and vibrant look make it easy to operate.


Like other UPI apps it have some basic features like you can transfer funds instantly anytime even on holidays, Transfer can be done in any bank account without registering the payee beforehand. Also there is no need of internet banking to be activated for BHIM app.

Some of the unique features and the latest update of BHIM app-

  • You can easily transfer money to any person even through his mobile number. This mobile payment system making this app more popular.  
  • The best thing about this app is this that you can use this app even when you don’t have internet connection in your phone
  • Two modes of transfer option is available in the app, first using account number and second using virtual payment address
  • Other than using UPI PIN, you can also authenticate fund transfer by using your fingerprints.
  • There is QR code available in the app as available in Paytm apps Using this code you can easily scan and pay anyone instantly.
  • Also the BHIM apps features a very good feature using which we can check bank balance of the account even if it is not the parent bank of the app.
  • And you can get a link in the app using which you can directly call the respective bank if there is any issue. Also you can get all banks customer care numbers saved in it.

New Update

Latest update of BHIM includes some of the cool features which will be surly loved by their users-

  • BHIM app is now available in 9 different languages so now you have 9 language choices you chose whichever is preferable for you Now BHIM app is available on 9 different languages.
  • If the Aadhar of the beneficiary is linked with their bank account then even their Aadhar number can be used to transfer the money through this app.
  • Moreover now you don’t have to get worried about the spam collect request. As after the new update you can easily block such requests.
  • New update has the improved privacy settings. Now you can also disable your Virtual Payment Address. As VPA’s can be easily guessed and misused. So better to disable it.
  • You can easily reverse the received payment by going through “Refund Transaction” option. Only you need to tap on the option and have to enter your UPI Pin and isnatntly the payment will be reversed to the mentioned account.
  • You can also restore your forgotten passcode by choosing “Forgot Passcode” option at passcode entering screen. BHIM app will send an SMS to verify your mobile number and after verifying allows you to reset the passcode.
  • Enhanced QR feature is introduced in the latest version where you can save your QR code in your gallery and you can share that code through whatsapp or any other app to receive the payment